Berikut profil singkat tentang para kontributor Mamarantau yang jumlahnya akan terus bertambah. Kami sangat berterimakasih kepada para mamarantau – yang di sela-sela kesibukan mengerjakan pekerjaan rumahtangga, mengurus keluarga, bisnis,  pekerjaan kantor, tugas kuliah, thesis, proyek pengerjaan buku, fotografi, dll – menyempatkan diri untuk berbagi cerita di situs ini. Tanpa kalian, tidak akan ada cerita yang berkesan dari hidup di perantauan.

Lead Editor

IMG_3658Puti Ceniza Akbar (Chica) – is a co-founder and editor of Mamarantau. Lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA from 2010 – 2015 with two sons and husband. Loves to volunteer at several local communities as well as running Mamarantau in her spare time.

Content Editor

AjengAjeng Ika Nugraheni (Ajeng) – Previously worked as a Personal Assistant for Ministry of Public Works under UNDP’s Agency for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Aceh and Nias, she is now living in Singapore.


mitaMita Rangkuti – A proud Indonesian living in Chiba with her husband and her son. They are living their life in wanderlust, open to new adventure and opportunity.



Yania Andarini (Yania) – lived in New York City from 2013-2015 to accompany her husband in pursuing a Master’s degree from Columbia University and making the most of her time exploring the Big Apple with her son.

widyaWidyastuti Harda (Widya) – currently living in Manchester, UK with two little kids and a husband, Widya loves to try new Indonesian recipes (especially) and baked treats for her family.

RikaRika Melissa (Rika) – live in Kerava, Finland with two bilingual sons and a Finns husband, Rika is trying (really hard) to learn Suomi language. Always left her heart in Jakarta.

profileRiela Drianda (Riela) – has been living in Japan since 2006. She is a huge fan of Japanese anime, manga, music and food. Happily settled in Kanagawa with two wonderful boys and a very family oriented husband.


Tia Wulansari  (Tia) – a first time mom, a graduate student, and an ESL teacher (plus a Patriots and Red Sox fan) who lives in Medford, MA with her beloved husband and beautiful baby girl.

batch_5IMG_4578_FotorAnnisa Sarahayu (Nisa) – Left her heart in San Francisco. The Beatles lover and daydreamer who loves to cook and write. She can sometimes get a bit too friendly, touchy-feely, and silly! Lived in Sydney, Australia. Now living in Hongkong with two sons and husband.

315768aDita Wistarini (Mamin) – Mom of The 3logy: Arwen, Leia, and Neo in New York City. Food photographer, co-author Food Photography Made Easy by 4Rana, cake artist. Love anything that related to arts and crafts.

FiniGita Trifini (Fini) – Previously worked as a geophysicist in Schlumberger (Jakarta and Doha), Fini is now enjoying life in Abu Dhabi as a full-time mom of Rafi and Fathir.

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 2.11.06 PM

Josephine Desiana (Deasy) – accompanies her husband who works at the Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa, Canada since 2011. During her leisure time, she enjoys taking photographs and playing with her daughter Summerlila.

378437_2693868278845_78511955_nRima Rachmayani (Rima) – A PhD in Universität Bremen and mother of Khansa, she lived in Bremen, Germany for the past 9 years. She loves to cook Indonesian foods, snap pictures, and gowes. Now back to Bandung and work as a lecturer in her alma mater.

Beth AguProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetstina – live in Kerpen, Germany with husband and a little cheeky girl since 2007 and work as a photographer. 


TiaSari Agustia (Tia)  –  A happy wife and a mother of two (Grahito, 5 y.o and Giska, 2 y.o). Cooking, watching, and writing are her favorite me-time activities.



Tara Qatrunnada (Tara) – Previously worked as a lecturer in ASRIDE ISWI, Jakarta, she’s enjoying being a mother of Alika while accompanying her husband who works in Milan, Italy.

Arfi Binsted – A housewife, live in Onewhero, Tuakau, Districts profil foto-arfi binstedWaikato, New Zealand. Home educators for her children, love to gardening, sketching, and painting, an artist at heart, freelance illustrator and food photographer.  

profile picLorraine Riva – Multilingual working mom in marketing communication field, self-taught photographer, foodie, art lover, Francophil and history nerd, living with husband and a teen daughter in Huissen, Netherlands.

858533_10151441582214637_205627387_oAnya Windira –  A mother of two, used to work in an office with shared cubicles before decided to pack her stuffs and flew to Singapore. Likes good friends, good foods, and clean houses.

bebeBebe –   An Indonesian stranded in Sweden. Found her home away from home in a small city called Helsingborg.  A wife and a mom of a cute baby girl who has a passion for photography and design.

Narulita Primaya Hapsari (Maya)  has been living in Venlo, Netherlands since 2010.  Happily settled in Venlo with husband and pretty girl. A huge fan of Indonesian food.

JenaJena Sapyera Qadar –  A Carpicornian working mom, who is loving every single day spent in Oslo with her fantastic team at work and even more awesome team at home! A grateful wife of a loving husband and mother of a sassy beautiful daughter.

profilepict1Siti Prima Genni (Meli) – A 32 y.o Indonesian. Mother of two energetic boys. Married to an Indonesian Scientist. A hausfrau who loves cooking, baking and traveling. Has been living in a historic city of Dresden in  East Germany since 2010.

adismeRanitya Kusumadewi (Adis) – Currently a PhD student, teaching assistant, and Fulbright scholar at Syracuse University, NY, USA focusing on political economy development. I love music (listen, play, and write songs), watching movies and theater, and traveling for leisure.

profile photoRiska Apricia (Ika) – I’m a 32 year old mom that currently resides in Perth and lives with 2 little munchkins named Leia and Hadrian. Living with the ex-boyfriend turned lover and was upgraded into husband around 6 years ago, Dana (32 yo).

profile picAhaddini Maretty (Dini) – Has been living in Kuwait since 2009 with two awesome sons Farrel and Rafan and a loving husband Rino. Manga-lover, K-Drama lover. Passionate about arts & crafts. Food Photographer and Food Stylish of Hijabella Magazine.

1Pinkan Nancy Kirana (Pinkan) – Mother of two (Atilla and Jingga), wife to Indonesian Geologist. An architect by heart, design-lover, ideas-hunter, and nature’s admirer. Has lived in United Kingdom since 2012.

1Ninggalih (Tyas). Has been living in Sendai, Japan since 2009. Mother of a cute boy, full time home educator for his son. Do not like shopping, but addicted to traveling. Spending her spare time for traveling and writing on her personal blog.

IMG_2610Vina Mubtadi – is an International-Broadcaster who has been living in the Washington DC metropolitan area since 2010. During her spare time, she enjoys having educational playdates with her toddler daughter, Lana.

Riana Garniati Rahayu – A retProfile Picired urban planner, an active weekly-food-planner, a blogger, and a traveler. A happy wife of Ibrahim Rohman and a blessed mom of Raya and Bita. Been living in Europe with her family since 2008. Currently based in Seville, Spain.

Screenshot_2015-08-26-03-51-42Retno Aini Wijayanti– A fulltime mamarazzi and one of the team editor for The Urban Mama. Has been living in Tromsø-Norway since 2013 – with the 8 months of which were spent in New Brunswick, USA. Since March 2017, moved to Bergen, Norway.

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 2.27.07 PM

Hera Yunitria (Hera) is a first-time mom who just gave birth on August 2014. She’s currently learning to balance her time as a working mom in Vancouver, Canada.

10919239_486791268155126_1629298947_nDeni Yulia Mardvall – A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden with lovely husband and a daughter. A dream catcher who takes one step at the times for every challenge in life.


DitaucAnindita Prameswari – ITB graduated who previously worked for PT Unilever Indonesia, but currently on unpaid leave. I am a full time happy mom of a 2 years old daughter has been living in Liverpool since 2014.


iusa_75x75.27956879_bke1Ria Paramita  –  I’m a mother of one to the most beautiful and creative little girl and the luckiest wife to my lovable husband. We’ve been living in Osaka, Japan since 2012. I make art, design, and craft or anything related in my spare time.

imageMega Puspita – A 30 year-old wife of a Filipino husband, full time mom for Shana and Sheenan. I’m passionate about collecting vintage items and running an online business from my hobby. Spent some years to live Sweden, Qatar, and Johannesburg, our family now reside in Cape Town, South Africa.

6350186986_74d5b522ce_zMindy Jordan- A stubborn Taurean yang lahir 40 tahun silam di Jakarta. Seorang istri dari suami yang jangkung bernama Sven dan seorang ibu dari seorang putri kecil bernama Medea Kedasih (4 tahun). Saat ini sedang bersekolah kembali untuk nantinya bisa berkerja dengan anak-anak.


AmelAmalia Siregar- Ibu rumah tangga yang baru punya 1 anak perempuan umur 6 bulan, Pecinta art, craft, design & photography. Sedang merintis bisnis editing design foto keluarga atau personal yang dicetak di Lacquer khas Vietnam, dengan nama Mel Lacquer Project. Saat ini pindah ari Saigon ke sebuah kota di Jerman.


photoEnrica Rinintya (Chacha) – Seorang perempuan (27) asli Yogyakarta yang Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan untuk singgah di beberapa belahan Bumi. Ibu dari seorang anak lelaki berumur 2 tahun, seorang stay at home mom yang sedang menemani sang suami berpetualang di Negeri Sakura.


liaCatharina Aulia – A mother of 4 years old daughter, Mikha, an owner of small online business and a co-founder of pop up market event planner in Jakarta. Currently live in Haarlem to accompany her husband who is pursuing his MBA degree in Netherlands.



Foto 1. berdua bersama Athar dinaungi cuaca gloomy-nya London (1)Veni Takarini – A mother of Athar who took dentistry and taught short courses in United Kingdom during 2014 – 2015. Love to try new things and gain a lot of experiences from local community in Egham.




csOntel – I am a housewife and mother who love outdoor activities. I am actually a serious one but people said that I smile and laugh a lot. I love  british accent, watching football and I am a biggest fan of Manchester United FC.


IMG_5168Fathiannisa Gelasia (Icha) – Seorang litigator yang sekarang beralih profesi mendedikasikan waktu serta tenaga untuk merantau bersama suami ke Bangkok dan menjadi stay at home mom untuk Dhaulagiri.




Afifah Shihab – Ibu dari 2 anak perempuan dan sekarang menetap di Berlin, Jerman. Bukan tipe ibu penyabar dan kreatif, tapi belajar setiap hari untuk lebih baik.



c8de7c1d-1923-48ac-834d-ee472ac93925-e1507717587502.jpgWinda Putri (Winda) – Black coffee lover, Bhumi’s bunda, Al’s wife. Move from north to middle east. 4 years in Copenhagen, the 3rd year in Abu Dhabi. Ready for next chapter.



Senny Sanjung A – Seorang mantan cake decorator asal Bandung yang untuk sementara pindah ke Turku, Finlandia menemani suami bekerja. Sedang berusaha untuk melanjutkan hobby menggambar disela-sela kesibukan mengurus seorang bayi lucu bernama Nevan (1 tahun) dan Atreya (7 tahun)


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